aquarium plant database

  1. Cordyline Fruticosa

    Cordyline Fruticosa

  2. Clinopodium Cf. Brownei

    Clinopodium Cf. Brownei

  3. Ceratopteris Thalictroides

    Ceratopteris Thalictroides

  4. Ceratopteris Pteridoides

    Ceratopteris Pteridoides

  5. Ceratopteris Cornuta

    Ceratopteris Cornuta

  6. Ceratophyllum Submersum

    Ceratophyllum Submersum

  7. Nymphaea Minuta

    Nymphaea Minuta

  8. Nymphaea Micrantha "gefleckt"

    Nymphaea Micrantha "gefleckt"

    Nymphea micrantha ‘gefleckt’ (German for spotted) is a beautiful plant that offers large delicate submersed leaves with green red and black spots. The plant itself offers a great contrast and can be used as focal point. The plant is easy to take care for and it can rely on the bulb for backup...
  9. Nymphaea Glandulifera

    Nymphaea Glandulifera

  10. Nymphaea × Daubenyana

    Nymphaea × Daubenyana

  11. Nymphaea Cf. Glandulifera "rot"

    Nymphaea Cf. Glandulifera "rot"

  12. Nuphar Japonica

    Nuphar Japonica

  13. Nechamandra Alternifolia Subsp. Angustifolia

    Nechamandra Alternifolia Subsp. Angustifolia

  14. Najas Sp. "roraima"

    Najas Sp. "roraima"

  15. Najas Madagascariensis

    Najas Madagascariensis

  16. Najas Indica

    Najas Indica

  17. Najas Guadalupensis

    Najas Guadalupensis

  18. Najas Conferta

    Najas Conferta

  19. Oldenlandia Sp.

    Oldenlandia Sp.

  20. Ottelia Alismoides

    Ottelia Alismoides