aquarium plant database

  1. Myriophyllum Sp. "guyana"

    Myriophyllum Sp. "guyana"

  2. Murdannia Keisak

    Murdannia Keisak

  3. Marsilea Spp.

    Marsilea Spp.

    Marsilea spp are amphibious ferns that are rooted in the substrate with submersed, floating and aerial leaves. The floating and aerial leaves resemble a four-leafed clover. The submersed leaf shape is influenced by environmental factors and can have four, tree, two or one lobes. The leaves are...
  4. Isopterygium Sp. "mini Taiwan Moss"

    Isopterygium Sp. "mini Taiwan Moss"

  5. Isoetes Velata Var. Sicula

    Isoetes Velata Var. Sicula

  6. Juncus Repens

    Juncus Repens

  7. Nymphoides Thunbergiana

    Nymphoides Thunbergiana

  8. Nymphoides Sp. 'taiwan' ('flipper')

    Nymphoides Sp. 'taiwan' ('flipper')

  9. Nymphoides Indica

    Nymphoides Indica

  10. Nymphoides Ezannoi

    Nymphoides Ezannoi

  11. Nymphoides Aquatica

    Nymphoides Aquatica

  12. Nymphaea Rudgeana

    Nymphaea Rudgeana

  13. Nymphaea Nouchali "sri Lanka"

    Nymphaea Nouchali "sri Lanka"

  14. Cryptocoryne Aponogetifolia

    Cryptocoryne Aponogetifolia

  15. Cryptocoryne Albida

    Cryptocoryne Albida

  16. Cryptocoryne Affinis

    Cryptocoryne Affinis

  17. Crinum Thaianum

    Crinum Thaianum

  18. Crinum Natans

    Crinum Natans

  19. Crinum Calamistratum

    Crinum Calamistratum

  20. Crassula Helmsii

    Crassula Helmsii