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    Aqua Medic Qube 50 Plant

    I've just seen these LED units sold by Aquamedic, but unfortunetly I cant find hardly any info online, mainly youtube to see the shimmer.They look very similiar to Kessil units, especialy the LED, looking at the specs how do they compare to kessil tuna suns? is the red similar...
  2. L

    Carbon Doser Ext5000 Vs Aqua Medic 1000

    I am in the process of setting up my 250 gallon and was hoping some of you have had some experience with one or both of these reactors and could offer some information/guidance as to which one might be better suited for a large tank. From what I have read both of these reactors seem to not...
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    Is An Aqua Medic 1000 Large Enough For A 250 Gal

    I am trying to determine the best method of providing CO2 for my 250 gallon planted tank. Any advice or suggestions would be helpful.
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    Opinions on the new Aqua Illumination light

    Good Day everyone, I’ve been searching and searching on what the general consensus was regarding the new Aqua Illumination Prime Freshwater. Here is the link: What are your thoughts? Price: 200.00...
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    Micmol Aqua Air 300

    Anyone use this light or have anymore information on it? experience, etc? Looking to buy one for a new aquascape I'm doing (low light).
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    For Sale: Plant Package, Da** Good if ya ask me.

    Priority shipping; 8$ Emersed grown plants unless states otherwise Plant Package, Must Be Bought All At Once! Plant Package, "Just a taste!" 3 stems Althernanthera reneckii 3 Stems Bacopa Monnieri 3 Stems Amminia Sp. 'Bonsai' 1 Golfball of Hydro. Japan 1 Golfball Pearlweed 3 Stems Ludwigia...