1. R

    Ada Amazonia—buffering And Livestock

    Hi all, I've done a fair amount of research on aqua soils, and I think I'm going to switch out Eco-Complete for ADA Amazonia in my 30cm cube. My only questions are about how the buffering capacity of ADA Amazonia affects plants, fish, and shrimp: 1. How quickly does Amazonia buffer water...
  2. E

    Ada Amazonia In Established Tank

    I'm planning on swapping out my Black Diamond blast sand substrate for ADA Amazonia in my 1 year old cycled and planted 10 gallon tank. I've searched the forums/online but can't fine a solid answer on the best way to do this. The most common options I've come across are: 1) Swap substrate add...
  3. R

    Amazonia Soil

    Hello, I designed a scape past month with ADA amazonia 2 soil and ADA power sand as substrate with super 4 mixed in it. Now I am in an unfortunate place to remove and revamp the complete aquascape including plants. So I will be removing all the plants and the hardscape and remodel everything...
  4. 7

    So I Stuffed Up... Ada Amazonia Soil

    Long story short. Re-running this tank that had 1.5 years of ADA Amazonia in it. I cleaned out the tank and out of habit from my goldfish keeping days, rinsed the soil only to find out after you’re not supposed to. Now do I... Add another layer of Amazonia on top Scrap the entire 5 bags of...
  5. Lilyann

    Adding Aquarium Soil

    I am putting new substrate/soil in my tank and was hoping to get some assistance in order to not expose my fish to any rising levels of ammonia from soil. This is a well-established 30 gallon tank that has been running for about 8 years, but I know, despite this, that I will experience a...
  6. Dennis Singh

    Fresh Ada Amazonia And Emmersed Seeds/erios

    So I'm getting some erio seeds I need to know if fresh Amazonia will not melt the seeds off? Or how long will it be before the nh4 runs out in a emmersed setup? There will be no water changes as its an emmersed setup and i really really really want to grow these seeds out I've done a lot of...
  7. Bumblefish

    10 Litre Nano Hitech With Utricularia Graminifolia

    My 10l nano. ADA amazonia powder type. Utricularia graminifolia only.
  8. rs18alpha

    ADA Amazonia vs Amazonia light both normal type

    Are these two substrates the same? The description of the normal and the light are different. I'm hoping they're the same. The light color looks really nice.
  9. C

    Is aquasoil ADA amazonia light powder pumping PO4 ?

    hi all, I have a question for you, if you have this king of experience here is the situation : I'm starting a new Tank with Eleocharis sp mini (10 boxes) in 129L (33G) I'm adding CO2, enough light (Led dennerle tropica 48w during 7h) and I'm adding dry fertilizer and I have an issue with...