1. Thomas

    Black Beard Algae Go Away On Its Own?

    Does BBA go away if you keep co2 at 30ppm? If so how long does it take for it to go away. I've been plague with bba for years now and I'm totally fed up with it. I have tried h202 treatment, kept my tank absolutely clean with trice weekly water changes using turkey baster to dislodge detritus...
  2. J

    2 Month Old Tank Algae Bloom

    Hello Everyone! I will start out by saying I am new to the hobby still, and am still learning. I read a lot and have gained a lot of information so far, but I still got an algae bloom and it continues to come back. My set up: ADA 90p tank Oase biomaster 600 thermo with Seachem Matrix media ADA...
  3. R

    Best Algae Eaters... Amano Shrimps

    What should be the stocking level for Amano shrimp in 10 gallon tank?
  4. S

    Brownish Fluffy Algae

    I’ve had this 40 gal breeder tank set up for about a month. Gradually trying to get it heavily planted. I have an algae that is hard to see. Tends to fluff up with gas bubbles. I would like some advice on how to control it. I have 4000 lumens of 6000k light from led strips but they are...
  5. S

    Bolbitis And Why Is It So Susceptible To Brown Cyano Algae?

    I have it doing very well low tech...but its the only plant in the 240 gallon that has a brown algae that you cant even scrape tunnels into the plants cell walls. I have tried Maracyn and yes,it worked very well...the brown dying off totally and the fern responded with fast new lush...
  6. F

    Co2 And Algae Question

    I’ve been battling a big algae outbreak. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ve turned the corner on the algae. Early in process of dealing with the algae I read that fluctuating levels of CO2 were thought to be a cause of algae. I switched my CO2 from on during the lighting period only to on 24...
  7. T

    Amazon Sword Algae?

    Hi My planted tank has been running for 2 months. I have a variety of plants including Amazon Sword. This plant is slowly getting covered by a black hair like algae which is almost impossible to remove. It started on a couple of leaves and is now spreading. I have other plants which are...
  8. L

    Newbie Failed Dsm With Bga

    First off, I just started aquascaping and decided to use the DSM since there are limited availability to aquatic plants where I am. 3 weeks into the DSM and Im getting patches of BGA and I need help before it blows out of control. My setup: 1. Elevated Rock scene design with ADA Amazonia and...
  9. T

    Thread Like Algae.

    Sorry I think I have posted 3 photos of my algae problem before adding a comment. I was hoping someone could identify the algae and give solution for getting rid of it.
  10. T

    Hair Like Algae

  11. S

    Green Thread Algae

    Short Story- I have a stubborn case of Green Thread Algae (GTA) Thought I got rid of it and may have but I found a few small clumps of thread that jumped back. I'm hoping it was just small spores that may have dodged the "treatment" but I would like some thoughts- Long winded details- And as...
  12. O

    Tank Cloudy With Co2 But Getting Bba?

    Hey all, I have a pretty strange issue here and I'm wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a planted 40g with a bit of ada amazonia under pool filter sand, and maybe 4kg of granite holding the structure in place. I'm running at about 10bps with an in-line diffuser and my whole tank is...
  13. M

    Are Phenol-tannin Complexes Produced By Aquatic Macrophytes The Driving Factor Behind Algaecontrol?

    Hi Tom, I just came across this article: In short it says aquatic vegetation inhibits cyanobacteria by means of excreting phenol-tannin complexes that destroy their cells. Sounds like allelopathy to me. But the...
  14. BesederFTC

    Aquarium Water Clarifier

    Hello! Are you looking for fish tank chemicals or fish tank cleaning supplies that will enhance the fish tank treatment? Let’s make your inhabitants much healthier and get them rid of cloudy fish tank water just in few capsules of BESEDER fish tank water cleaner. Biological preparation BESEDER...
  15. W

    Bleach Dip?

    I have a 20 high and I want to make it a 20 long. It will be dirted. I have an amazon sword and some bacopa that has hair algae on them. I’m also ordering a ton of plants and I want to bleach dip or do something to all of the plants I order and I already have to kill algae and pests. How do I do...
  16. B

    Identify This Algae

    I haven't seen this algae before. I have some green dust, and diatoms, and this unknown algae. It is dark green and it requires me to scrub the rocks to get it off. I was thinking maybe BGA but everything I read says it comes off in sheets. It looks like green dust algae but it is a much darker...
  17. E

    Help For A Bad Algae

    Bonjour à tous. Cela me dérange depuis des mois avec une algue dont je ne peux pas me débarrasser. Il attaque systématiquement les plantes. J'ai un aquarium de 240L J'ai installé un système CO2 il y a quelques mois et un nouvel éclairage. L'éclairage s'allume à 9h à 50% de ces capacités...
  18. J

    Aquatic Plants And Algae

    Hello guys my name is joel and i come from a tropical country very close to the equator where temperatures here sucks throughout the year, in which it is really hot and humid. I'm pretty new to this hobby as in planted aquarium and i have some problems i would like to tackle. In particular for...
  19. A

    Pest Plant/algea Id

    Hi All I have been having issue with this pest plant/algea What would be the best course to get rid of it? Any idea thanks
  20. L

    Which Algae Could Be_?

    hello guys.. i`m new here, I saw already a bunch of post of algae, but i can treat this on my aquarium.. some have any solution? so right know i bought the amazon powder, and i thing in redoing my aquascape.. water 6.8 ph dgh. 6 kh 3 No. have co2 temp. 25c° know using tnc complete one time...