1. N

    Help with algae type

    Hello everyone! I`m a new member on this forum. I need a help with identifying alga type. My tank information: Size 180x55x80cm + 250 liter sump. Filtration 6500l/h return pump + maxspect xf330 during photoperiod. Lighting 2xaquatlantis 1455 and one dennerle trocal led 160. 8 hours photoperiod...
  2. S

    What type of algae is this?

    I have been fighting this for the past two or three months. Plants will grow very well for awhile and then they start getting covered by these black spots which eventually spread across the whole leaf and then the leaf will melt over the next week. I’ve tried cutting my C02 down to about 20...
  3. D

    Window proximity and algae

    I'm planning for a new 60P tank in the living room. There's an attractive location against a NW wall between two windows. The location is bright though some direct sun might reach the side of the tank briefly late in the late afternoon in summer months. The tank will have CO2. Comments?
  4. N

    Use of 24/7 lighting with long photoperiods

    I recently acquired my first wrgb light, a Finnex ALC. I acquired it primarily for aquarium photography— to experiment with and learn how the spectrum affects my photos and satisfies my personal visual preferences.I am initially playing with the programmed 24/7 default (dawn to dusk + moonlight)...
  5. G

    At what point is turning down the lights not the answer?

    Hi All, I had been struggling with plant growth so i upgraded my light to a chihiros WRGB Slim. Running at 100 percent for 8 hours i experienced some algae issues so i began reducing the intensity and adding/increasing the ramp up ad ramp down. I have been reducing the light intensity of my...
  6. P

    Another GSA Algae Tank Issue

    Hi all, New to this forum. Like many, I'm having issues with GSA algae for my tank. It's not insanely sever but all my plant leaves are turning darkish along the edge with green dots if you look closely. For some reason it only grows on my plants and rocks but not glass. GSA seems to be...
  7. H

    Pant Issues - Algae?

    Hello All, New here to the Forum, however not to the aquatic fish and plant keeping world! I have been keeping fish, off and on for over 30 years. I have no issues with my fish’s health and in keeping general water parameters in check and employ various methods to do so. I started keeping...
  8. S

    Nutrient Export

    What do all algae (and cyano too) need to survive? Nutrients. What are nutrients? Ammonia/ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and urea are the major ones. Which ones cause most of the algae in your tank? These same ones. Why can't you just remove these nutrients and eliminate all the algae in...
  9. S

    Are these hitchhikers algae?

    Two month old 20 gallon tank. These two appeared on my myrio after two weeks or so. Can anyone identify them and will the fluffy, fern-like one kill the myrio. Picture attached.
  10. H

    Problem I've had for a long time

    Hello to everyone Guys please solve my problem. I do not know what to do. Sinobacteria abound. Plants do not grow. It has algae problems. Plants are shapeless. Tank: 120 liter - 31 galon Tank setup : 01.10.2021 Light :39*6 T5 Flo osram 865*3, Osram 830*3 but 3 lights out of 6 are on Co2...
  11. Thomas

    Black Beard Algae Go Away On Its Own?

    Does BBA go away if you keep co2 at 30ppm? If so how long does it take for it to go away. I've been plague with bba for years now and I'm totally fed up with it. I have tried h202 treatment, kept my tank absolutely clean with trice weekly water changes using turkey baster to dislodge detritus...
  12. J

    2 Month Old Tank Algae Bloom

    Hello Everyone! I will start out by saying I am new to the hobby still, and am still learning. I read a lot and have gained a lot of information so far, but I still got an algae bloom and it continues to come back. My set up: ADA 90p tank Oase biomaster 600 thermo with Seachem Matrix media ADA...
  13. R

    Best Algae Eaters... Amano Shrimps

    What should be the stocking level for Amano shrimp in 10 gallon tank?
  14. S

    Brownish Fluffy Algae

    I’ve had this 40 gal breeder tank set up for about a month. Gradually trying to get it heavily planted. I have an algae that is hard to see. Tends to fluff up with gas bubbles. I would like some advice on how to control it. I have 4000 lumens of 6000k light from led strips but they are...
  15. F

    Co2 And Algae Question

    I’ve been battling a big algae outbreak. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ve turned the corner on the algae. Early in process of dealing with the algae I read that fluctuating levels of CO2 were thought to be a cause of algae. I switched my CO2 from on during the lighting period only to on 24...
  16. T

    Amazon Sword Algae?

    Hi My planted tank has been running for 2 months. I have a variety of plants including Amazon Sword. This plant is slowly getting covered by a black hair like algae which is almost impossible to remove. It started on a couple of leaves and is now spreading. I have other plants which are...
  17. L

    Newbie Failed Dsm With Bga

    First off, I just started aquascaping and decided to use the DSM since there are limited availability to aquatic plants where I am. 3 weeks into the DSM and Im getting patches of BGA and I need help before it blows out of control. My setup: 1. Elevated Rock scene design with ADA Amazonia and...
  18. T

    Thread Like Algae.

    Sorry I think I have posted 3 photos of my algae problem before adding a comment. I was hoping someone could identify the algae and give solution for getting rid of it.
  19. T

    Hair Like Algae

  20. S

    Green Thread Algae

    Short Story- I have a stubborn case of Green Thread Algae (GTA) Thought I got rid of it and may have but I found a few small clumps of thread that jumped back. I'm hoping it was just small spores that may have dodged the "treatment" but I would like some thoughts- Long winded details- And as...