advanced strategies and fertilization

  1. nicpapa

    What the latest version of Burr dosage?

    Haha i read somewhere that someone dose 5.5version of Burr... :) I stay alitle back...what is the safe version? We must make a trace element and call them burr trace elements.. :)
  2. rs18alpha

    E I dosing amounts?? HELP!!

    I've read a lot articles on using the E I method. Some say to dose 5 days and rest 2 days. Some say to dose 7 days a week. I don't know which to try. The ones I've seen say to dose 15 mils of Mac ans Mic each dose. The amounts are Mac 79grams KNO3-22grams KH2PO4...
  3. rs18alpha

    New set up Water looking brown.

    My new set up is 11days old. I started to use a Chichiros Algae inhibitor on the 5th day, I wanted to see if these really work. I Started the CO2 on the 7th day. I did a 20% WC on the 8th day. Today the water is looking a little brown. I've never seen this before. I had a 20ppi prefilter on...
  4. KeeperOfASilentWorld

    EI+ On A Tanks Initial Stage - Equilibrium Questions - 2x ADA 60P's

    Dear Experienced Planted Tank Keepers, After reading Tom Barr's articles twice with a highlighter in my hand, he ( The Science ) has won me over Takashi Amano ( The Design and Marketing ) :) I successfully gained good experience on a 114 Litre Iwagumi tank ( 200+ umol at substrate, Fluval 2.0...