advanced strategies and fertilization

  1. A

    Trace In Australia

    Hi Tom, I'm from Melbourne Australia, planning to start EI on my 100G tank. I can get the following from ebay: KNO3 K2PO4 K2SO4 MGSO4 I did look at my local store (bunnings), I can find: Manutec Iron chelate 13% EDTA (Soluble) Manutec Trace elements The question is is this trace...
  2. Farmhand

    El Dosing W/ High Nitrites In Water

    My well water has over 50ppm nitrites (tested by a lab), so I purchased dry K2SO4 Potassium Sulfate and KH2PO4 Monopotassium Phosphate to dose rather than using KNO3 Potassium Nitrate. All the EL instructions assume you need KNO3. I’m mixing 5ml wet per 20 gallon aquarium into a 500ml bottle...
  3. L

    Challenging Water Change With Well Water

    I have a 250 gallon tank soon to come online. One of the sticking points currently is how to do a 125 gallon water change (50%) with well water that is too soft, needs to be heated and has a pH of 5.8 out of the ground (untreated) that needs to be aerated first. Once aerated the water comes up...
  4. rs18alpha

    Manganese And Calcium Deficiencies

    If I see these deficiencies in my plants do I add more CSM+B or buy MnSO4 and CaSO4 or CaCO3? I saw a chart that says to increase CSM+B if the plant needs more Manganese. The chart says to use CaCO3 and CSM+B if the plant needs more Calcium. I don't know if I should get CaCO3 or CaSO4 for the...
  5. rs18alpha

    Rotalabutterfly Vs. Aquarium Calculators

    Now I'm confused. These two sites have some differences in the amounts of ferts to mix. For instance, Rotala say to (mix 40.05 grams) of mgso4 in 250 mil water and dose 15ml to get 1.57ppm of mg per dose. That's 4.71 ppm per week. Aquarium calculators says to (mix30 grams) of mgso4 in 250mil...
  6. Neil

    Root Tabs And Algae!

    I'm using ADA substrate ..its an year old. It has started giving early signs of exhaustion, I'm planning to feed the plants with Substrate Tabs. The water I'm using is very hard & it is groundwater. Fairly high in Phosphate, Nitrate and Fluoride. Would it be a good idea to start using Root...
  7. S

    Requesting Help With Fertilizer Calculation

    Hi, I recently bought a dry fertilizer with following composition: Fe 4.250% Mn 3.200% Zn 4.250% Mg 1.280% Cu 0.604% Mo 0.059% B 1.620% Is it possible to use this for E.I dosing? I couldn't calculate how much I should use to...
  8. ianmills122

    Auto Dosing And Stirring

    For anyone that is using an auto doser, do you employ some sort of auto stirring mechanism to keep the ferts suspended? I have been auto dosing ferts for a few years now using a Neptune DOS. It occurred to me that when I first mix up the ferts for my dosing containers i get lack luster plant...
  9. J

    Liquid "all In One" Fert Dosing

    Im in the process of setting up a 40 gallon high tech tank. In the past all I have used is seachem root tabs, flourish, and excel. I will have a rodi unit this go and am wondering what Ishould initially put in the water (equilibrium?) and daily dosing. Will NA Thrive + all in one liquid fert...
  10. 1

    Humic Acid And Nutrient Absorbtion

    Does adding a source of humic acid to the water help with the uptake of other nutrients of aquatic plants
  11. 1

    How Far Above Substrate To Have Intake Of Filter

    I have a 55 gallon breeder. I am curious to know how far above the substrate to have the intake of the filter Thanks
  12. Righteous

    24/7 Airstone Vs Surface Skimming

    I recently started a low-medium light 10g tank with some easy plants as a fun project with my son (he picked some fancy guppies, and boy are they pretty in a planted tank). The tank has co2 at about 30ppm, 30-50 μmol light, EI dosing via Thrive, running a Fluval 106 canister. Everything is...
  13. Fisherking

    Emergency: Need Ammonia Dosing Help

    OK. I cycled my planted 12 gallon via fishless cycle, did a complete water change, and was ready for two live shipments. The 10 Nerites made it and are in the tank with an algae wafer in case there's not enough to clean yet. The Betta was DOA. Now I only have the snails for livestock in there...
  14. rs18alpha

    Using A Canister Filter. I Have Questions??

    I didn't see a section on Filtration, so I'll give this section a try. I've never used a canister filter before. I purchased an Eheim pro 4+350 for a 40 gal tank a while ago and I'm ready to give it a try. I have some concerns before I set it up. Please answer each question separately so I...
  15. rs18alpha

    Nutrient Deficiency What Am I Missing?

    Can any one suggest what I need to do to solve this problem? These plants have some small holes and on the older leaves they turn transparent and then melt. Some of the older leaves also turn a white-ish yellow color as well. I purchased the plant on ebay, the seller called it hygrophila sp low...
  16. gary

    Kno3 Potassium Nitrate

    Just wondering if Kno3 ferts are consist of 13-0-44. if so, I'm surprise there's very little of Nitrates.
  17. daniel deacu

    A Few Opinions

    i've got this source of microelements, – 8.1% Fier (Fe) chelat EDTA; – 3.5% Mangan (Mn) chelat EDTA; – 1% Bor (B) solubil in apa; – 0.6% Zinc (Zn) chelat EDTA; – 0.3% Cupru (Cu) chelat EDTA; – 0.3% Molibden (Mo). I want to start adding in the aquarium, what do you think about the...
  18. Y

    2 Tanks For Testing (not As Extreme As The Rotala Kill Tanks)

    Hi all, Long-time not posted, but I do want to share some experiences of the last 4 months and ask some advice. Previously, I had a 90 gallon bucephalandra tank that was nice, but there were problems: 1: curling of some of the new bucephalandra leaves, holes in new leaves of javaferns, bba...
  19. A

    Fertilizing routine calculator + water change

    I know there are multiple online tools for calculation of fertilizing routines, but I have always been missing a more complex calculation involving multiple solutions, water change and mineralization of water. Because of that, I created my own excel calculator which can do multiple things. I...
  20. tiger15

    CO2, KH and alkaline substrate

    Will alkaline substrate and rock interfere with CO2 readings using the KH - pH chart? I have dialed up CO2 by 50% using Tunze CO2 reactor from 1 bps to 1.5 bps but could not detect a change in CO2 according to the KH-pH chart. Note that 1 bps in the Tunze reactor is about double to triple...