advanced strategies and fertilization

  1. Harris Tiu

    Adding More Copper To Our Trace Mix

    Hi, I been looking at Trace mixes and thinking if I should add more copper to my mix? Here is my current mix:
  2. Harris Tiu

    Diy Dtpa Trace Mix

    Hey All, I cant seem to find a trace mix where I am from so I decided to make my own. My tank is 100 gallons while my water is 8.1PH which falls to 7.1PH after CO2 injection. I was able to obtain DTPA FE 11%. The rest of my mix is comprised of Manganese Sulfate Monohydrate, Zinc Sulfate...
  3. C

    Nutrition Rates Differences Between Agricultural And Aquatics Fertilizers

    Hello Every one I'm from Cuba. Here there is no market for planted tanks and we don't have access to any commercial soil, lights, or fertilizers. I'm doing some testing with a few agricultural fertilizers, homemade substrate, DIY Co2, and 6500k led lights. I'm getting decent grow at least for a...
  4. kizwan

    Plant Necrosis

    Hello, I need help in determining what could be causing the plants to deteriorated. The plant is Ludwigia sp. 'Dark Orange'. The leaves damaged. I have increased water change but it does not improve. I also have stopped ferts but it only makes things worse. I also have tried increased dosing...
  5. A

    Uv Sterilizer In A Large High-tech Planted Tank Vs Fertilization And Nutrients?

    Hi guys, as some may have seen in another thread, I am building a 290gal freshwater high-tech planted aquarium; CO2, AWC, automated nutrient/fertilizer dosing etc. I was intending to add a UV unit as well in a bypass on the return pipe - after the CO2 reactor. The idea would be that in a...
  6. kizwan

    Nutrients Toxicity

    Hello, I believe my tank is experiencing nutrients toxicity. I can see serious iron deficiency (new leaves are light green with dark veins & necrosis on the tip of older leaves), potassium deficiency (weak stem especially at the base & some melted at the base as well), calcium deficiency (root...
  7. J

    Considering Switching To Ro Water

    Hi everyone, I’m considering switching over to RO water, and have a few questions I’m hoping you can all answer. A few things that I feel will be relevant: I change about 75 gallons of water per week in a 125g tank. This would leave 50 gallons of water left, but a lot of that is taken up...
  8. Brian Soto

    Mixing Different Chelated Irons In One Solution

    Hello, I'm back from the grave in this forum. But I know most people here knows a lot. So I'm trying to make a nice mix of different types of irons in one pump bottle. This is possible? like Ferrous Gluconate EDTA Chelated Iron EDDHA Chelated Iron in one simple product, or they will react and...
  9. J

    Ei Dosing In Tank With Shrimp

    I have a 5 gal tank, moderately planted, CO2 injected, 4 Amano shrimp, 4 cherry shrimp, 5 tetras, 2 nerite snails. Because of shrimp, I do 20% water changes every other day instead of 50% as recommended by EI method. Shrimp are thriving - molting and breeding. Under this arrangement do I need...
  10. kizwan

    Photosynthetic Bacteria (psb)

    I found out some people use this bacteria to clear organic matter in aquarium. Can anyone tell me more about this? If it have any effect on Nitrogen cycle? I'm not planning to use it but just want to learn more.
  11. fmueller

    Continuous Drip Automatic Waterchange System And Ei

    I have a 1000 liter cichlid tank that I want to convert to planted. The tank has a DIY Continuous Drip Automatic Waterchange System installed, meaning water drips at a constant rate into the sump, which makes up for evaporation and excess leaves the sump via an overflow. I am planning on using...
  12. D

    Sodium And Hard Water

    Hi there, (I am new here, so forgive me if I do something wrong in this blog - happy to get suggestions if/as needed) I would like to share with you my situation. The sodium in my tap water is under the spotlight, togethet with my hard water. Let me introduce my tank first: - 120 liters...
  13. S

    All You Need Is..iron. No Other Additives.

    I agree with Dr. Novak. All the other strange brews are not needed unless,you are sure your tap water has none of something important. Otherwise you are wasting money and time using Nitrogen,Phosphates,Nitrates,Ammonia..and what else. Potassium MIGHT be needed. Not that I've noticed myself. No...
  14. S

    Aquaponics To Polish Aquarium Water With Syngonium Sp.

    I've been at this for over 40 years now,and this summer was my first real try at using tropical Houseplants to help filter the water. It started this time with a few rooted cuttings of Syngonium sp. Silver something it was called. All that you see is what has grown since late summer in my 240...
  15. F

    Question For No3 Dose

    I try to figure how much consumption of NO3 I have in my tank. I add NO3 from the dose of KNO3 and from my wc water. These are the only sources or I also have more amount from my tank, like nitrogen cycle fishes and plants??
  16. F

    How Much Po4 Actually?

    I made a fertilizer from KH2PO4, so I can add PO4 to my plants. From the rotala butterfly, I made the calculations and I came up with 2.54 ppm of PO4 per week. So if I put 12 ml of that solution per week I should take 2.54 ppm of PO4. I divided to 4 ml each time I dose, so 3 times per week. I...
  17. rs18alpha

    How Much To Dose In New Set Up With Just S. Repens And Crypt Wendtii Only

    New 40 gallon breeder with CO2 injection, Twinstar 900s led, 8hr fhoto period, rocks, drift wood with S. repens and crypt wendtii plants. I'm going to start off with 6 packs of s. repens and 3 in-vitro cups of crypt wendtii. I want to try a tank with with a small plant load and just 2 types of...
  18. D

    Using Ei Dosing For Hydroponics

    Slightly off topic but I have been using EI dosing for years with great success. I'm trying to take a step in a different direction namely kratky hydropnics It requires masterblend fertilizer which is an NPK of 4-18-38 which made me think. I have pounds and pounds of dry ferts for my EI dosing...
  19. S

    Nutrient Availability Vs. Ph

    I have been researching nutrient uptake according to PH and stumbled across some interesting links which I thought I would share. The discussions in this post kicked it off: (it discusses mulders chart, a chart showing nutrient uptake...
  20. rs18alpha

    Iron Capsules In Substrate With Water Column Dosing

    I've read that some plants require more Iron than others so they'll turn Red and stay Red. So if I'm dosing the water column is it ok to use iron capsules in the substrate as well?