1. R

    Ada Amazonia—buffering And Livestock

    Hi all, I've done a fair amount of research on aqua soils, and I think I'm going to switch out Eco-Complete for ADA Amazonia in my 30cm cube. My only questions are about how the buffering capacity of ADA Amazonia affects plants, fish, and shrimp: 1. How quickly does Amazonia buffer water...
  2. Bernard

    Question About Ada Ferts, Unusual Colouring?

    Hi everyone! Hoping maybe someone here can help me or have seen this before. I recently switched to the ADA green brighty line of ferts, and purchased some Green Brigthy Nitrogen. The strange thing is that the liquid is green, not the blue I expected from all the pictures. Now i'm wondering...
  3. E

    Ada Amazonia In Established Tank

    I'm planning on swapping out my Black Diamond blast sand substrate for ADA Amazonia in my 1 year old cycled and planted 10 gallon tank. I've searched the forums/online but can't fine a solid answer on the best way to do this. The most common options I've come across are: 1) Swap substrate add...
  4. P


    Hello all, I restarted my 20 gallon tank with ADA Amazonia soil and CO2(Consant power outages last summer forced me to tear it down). I never had problems before cycling my tank but I am afraid the ADA is causing me a massive headache. After a little over a month my ammonia levels have...
  5. N

    Aquasoil + Diy Substrate ?

    Hello! My name is nathalia and im from uruguay. Here it is very hard to find commercial substrates for planted tanks thats why I brought a 9L ADA Amazonia Aquasoil bag from brasil in my bag . The thing is that im setting a tank with this base dimentions: 40cmx80cm (16inx32in). For that size i...
  6. bshenanagins

    Ada Website Tips

    Thought this may be of some help to people with their aquascaping, I especially like the article on “clusters.” Hope this helps anyone struggling with planting or just how to go about scaping in general
  7. 7

    So I Stuffed Up... Ada Amazonia Soil

    Long story short. Re-running this tank that had 1.5 years of ADA Amazonia in it. I cleaned out the tank and out of habit from my goldfish keeping days, rinsed the soil only to find out after you’re not supposed to. Now do I... Add another layer of Amazonia on top Scrap the entire 5 bags of...
  8. F

    Ada 60p Cube Garden

    My new tank set up
  9. A

    For Sale: Ada Lily Pipes (p-2 / V-3) #13

    Both inflow and outflow lily pipes in great like new condition. The outflow suction cup tab broke off . No leaks whatsoever but needs a new suction cup with a ring around it or just let it hang over the rim. Price adjusted accordingly for the cosmetic defect. Both lily pipes 110$ + 10$ shipping...
  10. A

    What Is In Ada Green Brighty Neutral K?

    Hey there, Well... the question is simple. Which dry chemical is in Green Brighty Neutral K? I have read the analysis of Brighty K, and other ferts, but was wondering what is in the Neutral K version. I suspect KSO4, but that isn't really based on anything. Hope you guys can help me.
  11. Jack McCarron

    Ada 45f - Shallow, Mossy, Shrimp

    Hey! Thanks for checking out my thread. This is my first tank. Please help me solve issues (described below) and teach me things! IMG_20181023_160713 by Jack McCarron posted Oct 23, 2018 at 4:24 PM IMG_20181023_160532 by Jack McCarron posted Oct 23, 2018 at 4:24 PM IMG_20181023_160646 by Jack...
  12. E

    For Sale: Fluval Spec & Ada Mini-m

    Hi All, I have two old tanks I'd like to get off my hands for Los Angeles, CA pick-up. 1) Used Fluval spec 2.6 gallon ($20) 2) Used ADA mini-M + used ADA glass cover ($30) > Add ADA garden mat for $8 > Add used Finnex PX360 for $20 Or the mini-M + glass cover + garden mat +...
  13. rs18alpha

    Ppm Levels For Specific Plants? E I Or Ada Dosage?

    I've read some articles about growing red plants. They've suggested that lower levels of N helps with keeping the plants red. I know we have to keep an eye on proper CO2 levels and light as well. I'm not trying to grow Red plants at this point. When I've tried to grow Red plants in the past the...
  14. csantucci

    Ada 120p First Large Tank

    I have had a 10 gallon tank for a little over a year and I just upgraded to an ADA 120P. I'm gong to miss my 10gal high tech but on to bigger things. Substrate: ADA Amazonian (4x9l bags) Light: sun blaze 4 bulb t5 ho suspended from electrical conduit Bulbs: (front to back) - 1x 660 hortilux...
  15. Lilyann

    Adding Aquarium Soil

    I am putting new substrate/soil in my tank and was hoping to get some assistance in order to not expose my fish to any rising levels of ammonia from soil. This is a well-established 30 gallon tank that has been running for about 8 years, but I know, despite this, that I will experience a...
  16. J

    Lighting Choice For An Ada 30c

    So I have a micmol aqua air 300 series over my 30C as of now, it's very powerful, but just cant get any color out of red plants. I can can get an AI Prime HD freshwater for a really good price or I could get an Twinstar 300E for around the same price. Anybody have experience with both of these...
  17. M

    For Sale: Ada Colorado Sand

    Looking to sell / trade 8kg of washed but unused ADA Colorado Sand. Asking 30 shipped. Will trade for a fair amount of: Anubias Barteri Coffeeifolia Bolbitis
  18. Dennis Singh

    Fresh Ada Amazonia And Emmersed Seeds/erios

    So I'm getting some erio seeds I need to know if fresh Amazonia will not melt the seeds off? Or how long will it be before the nh4 runs out in a emmersed setup? There will be no water changes as its an emmersed setup and i really really really want to grow these seeds out I've done a lot of...
  19. Bumblefish

    10 Litre Nano Hitech With Utricularia Graminifolia

    My 10l nano. ADA amazonia powder type. Utricularia graminifolia only.
  20. L

    200gal Ada Style Tank With Hc/belem

    1/22/Y18: I've been in PHX for a looong time(20+ yrs) in tech, and always had an interest in fish and model 2 main hobbies. The planted tank side of the hobby has kept my interest for ~4 years now. I currently have a 200gln tank. Tank CO2 with the high pressure diffusers...