90 gallon

  1. mv1175

    Led Lighting Solutions For A 90 Gallon Tank

    The dimension of the tank are 48"Wx24"Hx18"D. Will be using pressurized CO2 and ADA aquasoil. I understand that light penetration may be an issue at 24"...and that HC Cuba is on the substrate. I would be prefer to go with an LED lighting solution. Would a single Finnex Ray 2 or Fluval planted...
  2. mv1175

    A 90 Gallon Tank..my First Real Adventure Into Planted Tanks

    Howdy From Houston, I have had MTS in the past and have been keeping all sorts of freshwater fish Discus, Arowanas, Mbunas, Rainbows, guppies, and many others. I have toyed around with some java fern with a diy co2 in a 40 gallon breeder in the past but that is the extent of my aquatic plant...
  3. Jro

    Huge Driftwood - New 110g Tall Setup

    Hey Gang, My wife got a new 125 gallon tall so that means I get her 90 gallon. Exciting! I have a piece of Malaysian driftwood someone gave to me years ago and I've been wanting to really use it. I couldn't until now because it is pretty big. It is about 33" wide by 11" deep and 20" high...