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    65 Too Deep For Beginner?

    It looks like I'm going to do it--set up a 40b or 65 gallon planted aquarium, that is. I've never done any serious freshwater and it has been years since the non-serious stuff. I'd like to know experts' opinions on whether it's foolish of me to try a standard 65 gallon aquarium (which I...
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    "Balance" 65 Gallon Dutch Aquascape, ((( Plants Are In!!! )))

    Well I can finally start the 65 Gallons journal! what a toy this will be, my first high tech but not my first Dutch. I previously practiced many different aquascapes in my 5.5 Gallon and my Fluval V 5 Gallon. But this will be my first Large aquascape. I bet some people are anxious though since I...