Ludwigia Arcuata

Ludwigia Arcuata

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General Description

Common Names - Synonyms
Piedmont primrose willow
Origin - Distribution
  1. North America
Level of Difficulty
Beginner / Easy
0-10cm (0-3.9 Inches) High
Growth Rate
Light Requirements
Medium Light (35-50 PAR)
Co2 Requirements
Recommended (Medium light)
Temperature Tolerance
12 to 28 °C
PH Range
4.5 to 7
Plant Type
Stem Plant
Carbonate Hardness (dKH)
2 to 15 °dKH
Can Be Grown Emmersed?
Ludwigia arcuata has long fine leaves and is heavily ramified. The growth of this plant is rapid under sufficient light, nutrients and CO2. Micronutrients addition will help enhance the natural orange/red coloration. In general it is easier to get good coloration than with Rotala rotundifolia. This plant can be grown even in aquariums without CO2 injection.

Regular trimming and thinning should be done on this plant to get a nice rich bush. As the plant ramifies easily, it can create quiet a chaotic feel, successfully used in many "nature style" aquascapes. The plant can be used as a background plant in small aquariums or as a middle ground plant where it can follow the contour of rocks or wood.

The transition between emersed and submersed growing form is quite easy with this plant.


Photo 1: L. arcuata , top view . Source : Mihai Zamfir (Allwissend), 2015. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
Photo 2: L. arcuata , emersed growth. Source : Mihai Zamfir (Allwissend), 2015. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
Photo 3,4: L. arcuata , emersed growth with flower. Source : Jaap, 2007. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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