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  1. We are after as many aquarium plant images that we can get, doing so will assist us in completing the aquarium plant database.
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Aquarium Plant Database

Aquarium Plant Database - Beta Version 0.1

  1. Fissidens Nobilis

  2. Cryptocoryne Fusca

  3. Fissidens Fontanus

    Fissidens fontanus or the phoenix moss is a real aquatic moss that can attach itself to wood or rock. The leaves are 3 to 5mm long and dark green. It can survive in non-CO2 injected aquariums, but does better with good CO2 and relatively high light levels. This moss can grow from small particles and even grows back if the wood piece it colonized is allowed to dry out. It can even be seen growing on aquasoil granules. It is particularly prone to colonization by cladophora algae.
  4. Gratiola Viscidula

    A small plant with thorny leaves.
  5. Murdannia Keisak

  6. Marsilea Spp.

    Marsilea spp are amphibious ferns that are rooted in the substrate with submersed, floating and aerial leaves. The floating and aerial leaves resemble a four-leafed clover. The submersed leaf shape is influenced by environmental factors and can have four, tree, two or one lobes. The leaves are arranged mainly in 2 rows on the creeping rhizome with developed roots at the base. In typical fern fashion the young leaves are rolled. In nature it is mostly found in slow flowing or stagnant water....
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