I have a question for you guys about my alternanthera reineckii pink as I am sure you can help me out. I planted this plant in my aquarium about 4 weeks ago and have noticed the leaves becoming more and more damaged but am unable to tell if this comes from fish picking at the leaves or if this is a nutrient deficiency.i keep mollies and one bristlenose pleco. I have been having slow growth and some algae issues (mostly gsa on the hardscape and on plant leaves) and am not seeming to have much luck getting rid of it. I have just started dosing ei and am curious to see if this will make a difference overall as far as plant health goes. I have a lime green deep checker and be 2x 45W T5HOs in my 180l aquarium that has been set up and cycled for around 6 months ( NO2 0mg/l and NO3 present but not able to accurately measure it. As far as other values go I am just sort of guessing as I don't own test kits other than test strips... I do my water changes but often have a slight hint of white cloudiness in my water that I can't seem to get rid of other than with a flocking agent which only seems to help for a few days at most. If anyone has an idea I would be very appreciative. I have also noticed that my cabomba has been having much more yellow/white new growth lately as opposed to the darker green growth when it was newly planted.